Inspired by the aphorism of Oscar Wilde, “a well-developed taste is the ability to choose the best” designer Michael Henneke, creating the collection “Glamor “ , took all the best: contemporary color schemes, beautiful samples and a modern special effect – a soft, muted luster. In this collection, artistic design is a truly sensual luxury. Large patterns ennoble the room and bring ease into the atmosphere, airiness without Hollywood shyness and bombast.

Extravagant and sparkling, seductive as in the tales of “1001 Nights”, the design in lilac and gray tones skillfully shaded with soft pearl luster balances between luxurious aristocracy and elegant classics. The structure and soft glow of the silk of monochrome wallpaper add a subtle grace. Expressive decorated diamonds, made in the noble flicker of cream and oily graphite, reveal the regal atmosphere. The home is endowed with a special sensuality.